Which is best option for responsive website? Custom css media query or framework?

Which is best option for responsive website? Custom css media query or framework?

The choice between using custom CSS media queries or a framework for building a responsive website depends on various factors, including your project requirements, development expertise, and personal preference. Both options have their advantages and considerations:

Custom CSS Media Queries:

  • Flexibility: Writing custom CSS media queries gives you full control over your responsive design. You can customize the breakpoints, layout, and styles to fit your specific needs.
  • Lightweight: Since you only include the CSS code necessary for your project, custom media queries can result in a smaller file size, leading to faster page loading times.
  • Learning Curve: It requires a solid understanding of CSS and responsive design principles to create effective media queries and ensure cross-browser compatibility.
  • Tailored Solution: Custom media queries allow you to precisely target different devices and handle specific layout adjustments for your unique design.


  • Rapid Development: Frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, or Bulma provide pre-built components, grid systems, and responsive utilities that can speed up development time.
  • Consistency: Frameworks offer a standardized approach to responsive design, ensuring consistency across different devices and browsers.
  • Community and Support: Popular frameworks have large communities and extensive documentation, making it easier to find solutions, tutorials, and support when facing challenges.
  • Overhead: Frameworks often include more code than you might need, resulting in larger file sizes. This could impact page load times, especially if you only utilize a small portion of the framework's features.
  • Customization Constraints: While frameworks offer customization options, they may have limitations compared to custom CSS. Adapting the framework's styles to match your specific design may require overriding or modifying the default styles.

Ultimately, the best option depends on your specific project requirements, your familiarity with CSS, and your development approach. If you prefer maximum control and have the necessary expertise, custom CSS media queries can offer a tailored solution. On the other hand, if you prioritize efficiency, consistent design, and a faster development process, using a framework may be a suitable choice.

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